Korean Lottery for Bangladesh 2023 Registration Online Apply link

Korean Lottery Bangladesh Registration: The Korean lottery for Bangladesh 2023 offers Bangladeshi citizens a chance to work in South Korea legally. To participate, visit www.boesl.gov.bd for registration and application details. Download the application form from the same site. Eligibility requirements, including educational certificates and medical exams, must be met to apply via eps.boesl.gov.bd, the official online portal for the South Korea Lottery 2023 application process. Stay updated for deadlines and instructions.

Korean lottery for Bangladesh 2023:

The Korean lottery for Bangladesh 2023 is a sought-after opportunity for Bangladeshi citizens to secure work permits in South Korea. This lottery system, also known as the EPS (Employment Permit System) lottery, offers a chance for eligible applicants to work in various sectors in South Korea, contributing to the country’s economy. Thousands of Bangladeshi hopefuls participate each year, hoping to be among the fortunate few who win the opportunity to work abroad.

Korean lottery for Bangladesh 2023 registration online apply link:

To participate in the Korean lottery for Bangladesh 2023, applicants must use the official online registration portal. The apply link can typically be found on the official website of the Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training of Bangladesh (www.boesl.gov.bd). This link is where eligible candidates can submit their applications and enter the lottery system for a chance to secure employment in South Korea.

First you need to fill this short form. After that you have to fill the detailed form that will come in front of you. Here:-

Enter the passport number
Select the mode through which you made the payment i.e. Vikas
Enter the transaction ID
Fill the captcha and hit the submit button

Fill the information carefully. And call helpline 16247 if you don’t get the transaction ID while paying the fee. Do not pay twice.

www.boesl.gov.bd application form download:

Applicants seeking to participate in the Korean lottery for Bangladesh 2023 can download the required application form from the official website of the Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training (www.boesl.gov.bd). This form is essential for providing necessary personal and employment information, which is crucial for the lottery selection process.

After submission the main form will open in front of you in 2nd step. Here all the information mentioned in the form must be filled correctly. Fill the information mentioned in the form here.

  1. Passport Number (Previously given while filling the short form)
  2. Full name in English (as in passport)
  3. Select your gender, male or female
  4. Enter the date of passport issue (on which it was issued).
  5. Enter the Passport Expiry (date on which it will expire) date
  6. Select date of birth
  7. Select SSC Pass
  8. Select SSC from Technical Board or Diploma
  9. Enter National Identity Card Number
  10. Enter email id
  11. Upload scanned copy of passport
  12. Upload passport size photograph
  13. Industry category will be given
  14. Select the industry subcategory you want to go into
  15. Provide location information in Korea

What does it take to apply for South Korea Lottery 2023?

To apply for the South Korea Lottery 2023. Interested candidates need to meet specific eligibility criteria set by both the Bangladesh government and South Korea’s EPS program. This typically includes age restrictions, educational qualifications, and other requirements. Applicants should carefully review the guidelines and prepare the necessary documents before submitting their applications.


eps.boesl.gov.bd website to apply for South Korea Lottery 2023. You will need the following documents while applying.

  • Passport scan copy (60 KB size)
  • Image (white background- 14 KB size)
  • SSC Certificate
  • Application Fee (Payable in Development)

South Korea Lottery 2023 apply online eps.boesl.gov.bd:

The application process for the South Korea Lottery 2023 can be complete online through the official website eps.boesl.gov.bd. This portal allows applicants to register, fill out the required forms, and submit their applications electronically. It’s crucial to follow the guidelines provided on the website to ensure a successful application. As any inaccuracies or missing information can lead to disqualification from the lottery. Winning the lottery can provide a life-changing opportunity for Bangladeshis to work in South Korea and improve their economic prospects.

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