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Experience enlightenment on the go with the Sounds True app. Elevate your journey with mindfulness and self-discovery.

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Embark on a path of self-realization with Sounds True One. Your gateway to holistic well-being and conscious living.

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Curious about the app’s changes? Discover the evolution of the Sounds True app and its enhanced features.

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Awaken your spirit with “Waking Up In The World” by Sounds True. Engage with teachings that inspire positive change.

Explore the world of A hub of wisdom, courses, and resources for your personal growth.

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Experience dedicated customer service from Sounds True. Connect with experts for assistance on your transformative journey.

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Embrace mindfulness with free gifts from The Mindfulness Summit, brought to you by Sounds True. Elevate your awareness.

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Immerse yourself in the Sounds True Digital Library. An oasis of insights and practices for your inner exploration.

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Stay informed about upcoming events featuring Jack Kornfield, presented by Sounds True. Engage in transformative gatherings.

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Participate in the Sounds True Affiliate Program. Share wisdom and earn as you contribute to others’ growth.

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Explore Sounds True’s profile on Crunchbase. Gain insights into the company’s background and funding.

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Elevate your being with Sounds True One, available on the App Store. Embrace transformation through your device.


Sounds True offers a transformative journey through its digital library, app, and resources. Embrace a path of self-discovery and growth as you explore their offerings.

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