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Names That Mean Rose: A Symbol of Beauty and Love

Names have always held a special significance, often carrying a unique message or meaning. One of the most beautiful and timeless meanings for a name is “rose.” The rose, a symbol of love and beauty, has inspired countless names across different cultures. In this article, we explore names that mean rose, both for girls and boys, as well as their origins and significance.

What Baby Names That Means Rose?

If you’re looking for a baby name that means rose, there are several lovely options to consider. One popular choice is “Rosa,” which is of Latin origin and directly translates to “rose.” This name is elegant and timeless, making it a beautiful choice for a baby girl.

What’s a Name That Means Rose?

Apart from “Rosa,” another charming name that means rose is “Rosalia.” This name has Latin and Italian roots and signifies “rose blossom.” It carries an air of sophistication and romance, perfect for parents who want their child’s name to symbolize love and beauty.

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Girl Names That Mean Rose:

  1. Rosalind: A classic English name that means “beautiful rose.”
  2. Rosalba: A Spanish name meaning “white rose,” representing purity and innocence.
  3. Rosamund: Of German origin, it translates to “rose of the world,” suggesting a universally beloved presence.
  4. Rosabelle: A fusion of “Rosa” and “Belle,” this name combines the essence of a rose with beauty.
Girl Names Meaning “Rose”Girl Names Meaning “Rose”
1. Rosalind51. Roselina
2. Rosabella52. Rosamaria
3. Rosalie53. Roselyn
4. Rosalyn54. Rosabelle
5. Rosalinda55. Roselle
6. Rosalina56. Roseth
7. Rosaline57. Rosetta
8. Rosalynne58. Rosine
9. Rosamund59. Rosaria
10. Rosabella60. Rosina
11. Rosetta61. Rosmary
12. Rosina62. Roselyn
13. Rosaria63. Rosalie
14. Rosabelle64. Rosalind
15. Roselle65. Rosalyn
16. Rosalinda66. Rosalina
17. Roselyn67. Rosaline
18. Rosalie68. Rosalynne
19. Rosalyn69. Rosamund
20. Rosabel70. Rosabella
21. Rosmary71. Rosetta
22. Rosalinda72. Rosina
23. Roselle73. Rosaria
24. Roseth74. Rosabelle
25. Rosetta75. Roselle
26. Rosine76. Rosalinda
27. Rosaria77. Roselyn
28. Rosina78. Rosalie
29. Roselyn79. Rosalyn
30. Rosalie80. Rosabel
31. Rosalind81. Rosmary
32. Rosabella82. Rosalinda
33. Rosamaria83. Roselle
34. Roselyn84. Roseth
35. Rosabelle85. Rosetta
36. Roselle86. Rosine
37. Roseth87. Rosaria
38. Rosetta88. Rosina
39. Rosine89. Rosmary
40. Rosaria90. Roselyn
41. Rosella91. Rosalie
42. Rosalynn92. Rosalind
43. Rosina93. Rosabella
44. Rosmary94. Rosamaria
45. Rosalina95. Roselyn
46. Rosabel96. Rosabelle
47. Rosary97. Roseline
48. Roselynne98. Rosalynn
49. Rosabelle99. Rosary
50. Roseline100. Roslyn

Boy Names That Mean Rose:

While rose-themed names are more commonly associated with girls, there are a few options for boys as well:

  1. Roscoe: Of Old Norse origin, this name means “roe deer forest,” but its sound evokes the beauty of roses.
  2. Rosario: A Spanish name meaning “rosary,” it indirectly carries the rose’s symbolism of love and devotion.
Boy Names Meaning “Rose”Boy Names Meaning “Rose”
1. Roscoe51. Rosenhart
2. Rosario52. Roselin
3. Rosen53. Rosland
4. Roswell54. Roswalden
5. Roslin55. Roswald
6. Roswald56. Rosston
7. Rosston57. Rosindo
8. Rosindo58. Rosalino
9. Rosalino59. Rosheen
10. Rosheen60. Rosenhart
11. Roslin61. Roselin
12. Roswalden62. Rosland
13. Roscoe63. Roswalden
14. Rosario64. Roswald
15. Rosen65. Rosston
16. Roswell66. Rosindo
17. Roslin67. Rosalino
18. Roswald68. Rosheen
19. Rosston69. Rosenhart
20. Rosindo70. Roselin
21. Rosalino71. Rosland
22. Rosheen72. Roswalden
23. Roscoe73. Roswald
24. Rosario74. Rosston
25. Rosen75. Rosindo
26. Roswell76. Rosalino
27. Roslin77. Rosheen
28. Roswalden78. Rosenhart
29. Roscoe79. Roselin
30. Rosario80. Rosland
31. Rosen81. Roswalden
32. Roswell82. Roswald
33. Roslin83. Rosston
34. Roswald84. Rosindo
35. Rosston85. Rosalino
36. Rosindo86. Rosheen
37. Rosalino87. Rosenhart
38. Rosheen88. Roselin
39. Roscoe89. Rosland
40. Rosario90. Roswalden
41. Rosen91. Roswald
42. Roswell92. Rosston
43. Roslin93. Rosindo
44. Roswalden94. Rosalino
45. Roscoe95. Rosheen
46. Rosario96. Rosenhart
47. Rosen97. Roselin
48. Roswell98. Rosland
49. Roslin99. Roswalden
50. Roswald100. Roswald
What Names Mean Wild Rose?

If you’re looking for a name that captures the essence of a wild rose, you might consider the name “Briar.” Derived from Old English, it means “thorny patch,” reflecting the untamed and adventurous spirit of the wild rose.

What Greek Name Means Rose?

In Greek mythology, the rose is associated with the goddess Aphrodite, who is the embodiment of love and beauty. A Greek name that reflects this connection is “Rhodos,” meaning “rose.” While not as commonly used as some other names, Rhodos offers a unique and historical choice for those seeking a Greek name with a rose-inspired meaning.


Choosing a name for your child is a deeply personal decision, and many parents seek names that carry special meanings or symbolism. Names that mean rose are an excellent choice for those who want to evoke the timeless beauty and love associated with this iconic flower. Whether you opt for a classic like “Rosa” or a unique name like “Briar,” these names are sure to carry a sense of elegance and charm throughout your child’s life.

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