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Who is Jos Buttler wife? Jos Buttler wife is Louise Buttler. Jos Buttler, born in Somerset, England, on September 8, 1990, is a prominent cricketer known for his explosive batting and exceptional wicketkeeping skills. At 33 years old, he continues to be a vital asset in international cricket.

Jos Buttler’s Wife Name:

The wife of Jos Buttler is Louise Webber, who has been a constant support in his personal and professional life. Louise Webber is seen accompanying husband to various Cricket tournaments and tours.

Jos Buttler’s Spouse:

Louise Webber is the spouse of Jos Buttler, sharing in his journey as a cricketer and as a partner. No.1 batsman an England national cricketer Jos Buttler & Louise married to in a private ceremony on 21 October 2017.

Jos Buttler’s Wife Age:

Jos Buttler’s wife, was born on October 20, 1995 in British. She is 27 years old. Louise Buttler & Jos Buttler is good couple in cricket.

Height in Feet – Louise Buttler:

Louise Buttler’s height in feet is 5 feet 8 inches. Louise height in meters is 1.8m. How Louise Buttler height in centimeters? Louise height is 180 cm.

Jos Buttler’s Wife Pic:

While images might not be present here, Jos Buttler and Louise Webber make for a charismatic couple. They have two daughter in marriage life.

Jos Buttler’s Wife Instagram:

For a glimpse into their life, one might find Louise Buttler on Instagram, sharing moments and insights.

Jos Buttler’s Wife Photo:

Photographs of Louise Buttler might be available through various sources, offering a visual aspect to her connection with Jos Buttler. See also: Who is Eoin Morgan wife?.

Personal InformationDetails
Birth NameLouise Buttler
Date of BirthOctober 20, 1995 in British
OccupationTeaches Pilates
Age27 Years
Height in Feet5 feet 8 inches
Famous ForCricketer Jos Buttler wife
Current Residence[Insert Current Residence]

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