How to bow tie

How to Tie a Bow Tie: Step-by-Step Guide

How to bow tie? If you’re attending a formal event or just want to add a touch of class to your outfit, a bow tie is the perfect accessory. However, many people shy away from them because they don’t know how to tie them. The truth is, tying a bow tie is not as difficult as it seems. In this article, we’ll show you how to tie a bow tie in just a few simple steps.

1. Start with the Bow Tie Around Your Neck

Place the bow tie around your neck, with the right end hanging down about two inches longer than the left end. Cross the right end over the left end.

2. Make the Bow

Take the longer right end and form a simple knot by crossing it over the left end and then bringing it up and under the loop. This will create a small, basic knot.

3. Create the Bow

Form a loop with the left end of the bow tie, and hold it in place with your left hand. With your right hand, create a similar loop with the right end of the bow tie, but make it slightly larger than the left loop. Then, bring the right loop over the left loop.

4. Insert the Right Loop

Insert the right loop into the space behind the left loop, bringing it up and over the top of the left loop. Hold the right loop in place with your right hand.

5. Thread the Right Loop

Take the right loop and thread it through the knot that you created in step 2. Pull on the loops to tighten the bow tie, adjusting the size as needed.

6. Adjust and Straighten

Adjust the bow tie so that it sits nicely and evenly around your neck. Straighten out any wrinkles or twists.


Tying a bow tie might seem like a daunting task at first, but with a little practice, it can become second nature. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to tie a bow tie like a pro in no time. So go ahead, add some sophistication to your wardrobe, and impress everyone with your newfound bow-tying skills!

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