Barishal Bulls Against Dhaka Dynamites

Barishal Bulls Against Dhaka Dynamites

Barishal Bulls Against Dhaka Dynamites playoff match. Mashrafe is resting for a back injury. No Mashrafe, covered in batting in a life-and-death match. A lot of life and death matches are in front of Minister Dhaka. Winning the match against Fortune Barisal, which has ensured the qualifiers, will ensure the play-off, but the chances of losing will not end. In this case, Dhaka has to look at the open Tigers and Chittagong Challengers.

Barishal Bulls Against Dhaka Dynamites

If Khulna loses to Comilla Victorians and Chittagong Challengers loses to Sylhet Sunrisers on Saturday, then only Dhaka will go to the play-off. Therefore, it can be said that Dhaka, which is full of stars, will have to face a difficult equation if it loses.

Mashrafe is resting for a back injury

Earlier, Dhaka decided to bat after winning the toss against Barisal in the second match of the day.

The team is not getting Mashrafi bin Mortaza, one of the players in this important match. The last match against Khulna Tigers could not be played due to back injury. That is why Mashrafi is also resting against Barisal.

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