Baby Names That Start With C

Choosing the perfect name for a baby girl is an exciting and meaningful task for any parent-to-be. Among the many options, names that start with the letter “C” hold a special charm and elegance.

If you’re in search of baby names that begin with the letter C, we’ve compiled a fantastic collection of cool and confident options. Take a look at these names for boys, girls, and unisex choices, and see which ones resonate with you the most!

Explore Baby Girl and Boy Names That Start With C

1. Camilla: A Timeless Classic

Derived from the Roman name Camillus, Camilla is a name that exudes grace and sophistication. It has Latin origins, meaning “young ceremonial attendant,” and has been a favorite name across different cultures and time periods.

2. Charlotte: The Beloved Princess

With Germanic roots, Charlotte means “free woman” or “petite.” This name gained immense popularity, thanks to the royal lineage of many Charlotte princesses, including the beloved Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

3. Chloe: A Blooming Beauty

Chloe, a name of Greek origin, translates to “blooming” or “fertility.” It has a timeless appeal, and its association with nature and growth adds a touch of freshness.

4. Clara: The Bright and Clear One

Clara, derived from the Latin word for “clear” or “bright,” signifies intelligence and purity. This classic name has a long-standing presence in literature, making it a favorite among literary enthusiasts.

5. Cecilia: The Patroness of Music

Cecilia, with its Latin roots, means “blind” but is often associated with the patroness of music and musicians. It has an air of elegance that resonates with those who appreciate the arts.

6. Cassandra: The Prophetess

From ancient Greek mythology, Cassandra was a prophetess cursed with the gift of foresight. This name carries an aura of mystery and intrigue, perfect for parents seeking a unique and captivating name.

7. Catherine: A Timeless Beauty

Catherine, of Greek origin, translates to “pure” or “clear.” It has been embraced by various cultures and is synonymous with strong, independent women throughout history.

8. Cara: Beloved and Precious

Cara, with Italian roots, simply means “beloved.” This short and sweet name carries an endearing charm, making it a popular choice for modern parents.

9. Coraline: A Modern Gem

Coraline is a name that has emerged more recently, inspired by the word “coral.” It evokes images of the ocean’s beauty and uniqueness, offering a contemporary twist to classic names.

10. Celine: The Heavenly Melody

Of French origin, Celine means “heaven” or “sky.” This name brings to mind a sense of wonder and enchantment, much like the celestial heavens it represents.

11. Cynthia: The Moon Goddess

Cynthia has Greek roots and is associated with the moon goddess Artemis. This name carries an air of mystery and femininity, making it an alluring choice for parents seeking a name with mythological significance.

12. Calista: The Most Beautiful

Calista, derived from the Greek word “kallos,” meaning “most beautiful,” reflects admiration and splendor. It offers a unique option for parents looking to bestow a name of rarity and elegance.

13. Chelsea: A Chic and Modern Choice

Chelsea is a name that gained popularity in the 20th century. It has English origins, originally referring to the London borough. This name brings to mind a sense of style and sophistication.

14. Cybele: The Mother Goddess

Cybele, from ancient Phrygian mythology, is the Mother Goddess, symbolizing fertility and the earth’s abundance. This name carries a strong and powerful presence, perfect for parents who want a name with historical significance.

15. Clarissa: The Bright and Brilliant One

Clarissa, of Latin origin, shares the same root as Clara, meaning “bright” and “clear.” This name has a timeless appeal and a touch of sophistication, perfect for a child destined for greatness.


Choosing a name for your baby girl is a deeply personal and meaningful decision. The list of female names starting with “C” offers a diverse array of options, each carrying its own beauty, history, and significance. Whether you prefer a timeless classic, a modern gem, or a name with mythological roots, the names listed above are sure to inspire you in finding the perfect name for your little one.

  1. Camilla
  2. Charlotte
  3. Chloe
  4. Clara
  5. Cecilia
  6. Cassandra
  7. Catherine
  8. Cara
  9. Coraline
  10. Celine
  11. Cynthia
  12. Calista
  13. Chelsea
  14. Cybele
  15. Clarissa
  16. Cadence
  17. Callie
  18. Camryn
  19. Candace
  20. Cassidy
  21. Catalina
  22. Celeste
  23. Celia
  24. Chantal
  25. Cheyenne
  26. Christina
  27. Claire
  28. Cora
  29. Crystal
  30. Colette
  31. Constance
  32. Colleen
  33. Cassidy
  34. Carmen
  35. Clover
  36. Capri
  37. Daphne
  38. Danielle
  39. Dakota
  40. Delilah
  41. Destiny
  42. Diana
  43. Dorothy
  44. Delaney
  45. Eden
  46. Eleanor
  47. Eliza
  48. Emma
  49. Emily
  50. Evelyn
  51. Elizabeth
  52. Erin
  53. Estelle
  54. Eva
  55. Evangeline
  56. Faith
  57. Felicity
  58. Fiona
  59. Flora
  60. Francesca
  61. Gabrielle
  62. Giselle
  63. Genevieve
  64. Georgia
  65. Grace
  66. Gwendolyn
  67. Hadley
  68. Harper
  69. Hazel
  70. Heather
  71. Holly
  72. Hope
  73. Imogen
  74. Isabella
  75. Ivy
  76. Jasmine
  77. Jade
  78. Jocelyn
  79. Josephine
  80. Julia
  81. Juliette
  82. Juniper
  83. Kaitlyn
  84. Karina
  85. Keira
  86. Kylie
  87. Lila
  88. Lily
  89. Lillian
  90. Leah
  91. Luna
  92. Lucy
  93. Lydia
  94. Madeline
  95. Maya
  96. Mia
  97. Mila
  98. Natalie
  99. Nora
  100. Olivia
  1. Are these names suitable for girls from all cultures? Absolutely! Many of these names have origins from various cultures and can be embraced worldwide.
  2. Which name is the most popular choice among these? The popularity of names varies over time and across regions. It’s best to check the latest naming trends in your area.
  3. Can I use a unique spelling for these names? Certainly! Many names allow for variations in spelling, offering a personalized touch.
  4. Do these names have any historical significance? Yes, several names on the list have historical, mythological, or literary associations.
  5. Are there any famous personalities with these names? Yes, many notable individuals bear these names, adding to their appeal and significance.

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